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Sheer Khurma Special

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Enjoy our Chatpati Chana Daal today or potato and spring onion bhaji with roti or naan.Yogurt drink will be very filling for the whole day.Do try this Yummy sheer khurma.

Sheer Khurma Special

Chatpati Chana Dal at
Chatpati Chana Dal
Simple and easy recipe of chana daal can be eaten with rice or naan.
Rating: 2.5/10 - Votes: 4 - Views: 32382

Potato And Spring Onion Bhaji at
Potato And Spring Onion Bhaji
A unique combination of Potato and Spring onion.
Rating: 3/10 - Votes: 2 - Views: 11807

Sheer at Videos
Sheer is usually made on the occasion of the Eid festival. It is a milk based desert.
Rating: 3.5/10 - Votes: 2 - Views: 15052

Yogurt Drink at
Yogurt Drink
Healthy Yogurt Drink with nuts and rose water.
Rating: 3/10 - Votes: 2 - Views: 11164

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