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Halwa Puri

Rating: 4/5 - Votes: 4 - Views: 116974

Delightful Halwa Puri with Choolay, chatpatey aloo and green tea etc.

Halwa Puri

Chatpatey Allu at
Chatpatey Allu
Mouth Watering chatpatey allu makes a great appetizer.
Rating: 5/10 - Votes: 5 - Views: 20444

Chikkar Cholay at
Chikkar Cholay
Traditional style chickpeas curry full of spices and flavors.
Rating: 4/10 - Votes: 8 - Views: 34286

Green Tea With Mint at
Green Tea With Mint
An ordinary and easy but tasty recipe of Green tea with addition of fresh mint leaves.
Rating: 4.5/10 - Votes: 2 - Views: 9702

Khasta Kachori at Videos
Khasta Kachori
Kachori is a popular snack. Learn how to make/prepare Kachori by following this easy recipe.
Rating: 2/10 - Votes: 5 - Views: 22387

Puris at
A fried snack bread eaten with pickles, daals, halwa, chanay and other curries and usually serves in breakfast or parties.
Rating: 5/10 - Votes: 3 - Views: 15913

Sooji Ka Halwa at
Sooji Ka Halwa
Suji Ka Halwa is one of the very famous deserts serve with poori and chanay
Rating: 3/10 - Votes: 11 - Views: 33186

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