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Mixed Pakoras Special

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A tantalizing assortment of light fritters with mixed vegetables will taste great with this coconut chutney and these unique Vegetable Cutlets and Lychee Sherbet In drink. Serve Pasanda Dry in dinner and yeah dont forget to have dates as a starter.

Mixed Pakoras Special

Coconut Chutney at
Coconut Chutney
Coconut Chutney is served as a side dish for lot of snacks and breakfast items. It can be mild to extra hot depending on the individual preference.
Rating: 5/10 - Votes: 2 - Views: 9776

Lychee Sherbet at
Lychee Sherbet
Exotic lychee (litchi) fruit lends a refreshing flavor to this simple sherbet.
Rating: 4/10 - Votes: 2 - Views: 15589

Mixed Pakoras at
Mixed Pakoras
Mixed Pakoras are fritters made with gram flour batter contains variety of veggies of your choice and flavorful spices.
Rating: 4/10 - Votes: 4 - Views: 18563

Pasanday Dry at
Pasanday Dry
Beef cooked with special marinated homemade spices, herbs and served with any sauce and naan.
Rating: 5/10 - Votes: 1 - Views: 11124

Vegetable Cutlets at Videos
Vegetable Cutlets
Vegetable cutlets are filled with a great blend of vegetables and spices. These are great as an appetizer or afternoon snack with tea.
Rating: 5/10 - Votes: 1 - Views: 11321

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