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Chicken Puffs Special

Rating: 4/5 - Votes: 3 - Views: 31972

Chicken Puffs are great blend of Chicken and Pastry served with Macaroni cutlets, Cheesestake Pizza, Cholay, Masala french fries and last but not the least Lychee sherbet.

Chicken Puffs Special

Cheese And Macaroni Cutlets at
Cheese And Macaroni Cutlets
Macaroni and cheese is all time favorite comfort food, n this quick n easy recipe will add taste to ur Ramadan menu.
Rating: 3.5/10 - Votes: 8 - Views: 32236

Cheesesteak Pizza at
Cheesesteak Pizza
A delicious recipe Cheesesteak Pizza - Topped with beef, onions , peppers, and cheese.
Rating: 3/10 - Votes: 4 - Views: 13482

Chicken Puffs at
Chicken Puffs
Tender chicken pieces, coated in rich crispy batter of onion and green chillies.
Rating: 3/10 - Votes: 9 - Views: 29902

Chola (Chana Masala) Vegetarian Curry at Videos
Chola (Chana Masala) Vegetarian Curry
This light version of a favorite curry dish from northern India is a delicious way to use fresh chickpeas. Serve it with basmati rice and plain yogurt.
Rating: 5/10 - Votes: 1 - Views: 13036

Lychee Sherbet at
Lychee Sherbet
Exotic lychee (litchi) fruit lends a refreshing flavor to this simple sherbet.
Rating: 4/10 - Votes: 2 - Views: 15465

Masala French Fries at Videos
Masala French Fries
Tired of the same old French fries?? make Indian masala fries
Rating: 3/10 - Votes: 6 - Views: 14538

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